Centennial AME Zion Church

Generation-NEX, Inc.we are a faith-based 501(c)(3) organization. Our goal is to "Change Your Mindset. Change Your Life". Our mission is to engage, equip, and empower all participants. We aim to mentor women, girls and youth we offer life skills necessary for them to be more productive in life, focusing on leadership, decision making, family, and self-identification. We also offer spiritual mentoring.
Our organization's focus is on preventing women, young girls also youth from going to jail or prison. We want to tear down the pipeline from school to prison and from the streets to the grave. And also, break the chains of returning to jail or prison….
Our mission is to empower and mentor women and girls to become women of dignity. We believe that through mentorship we can help to save a generation of girls from becoming women behind jail and prison cells. We also believe that by mentoring women we redirect them from becoming victims of their circumstances. We aim to present leadership platforms for women and girls to tell their narratives. We will offer empowerment life sessions and summits. If we can change a mindset we can change a life! We want to help girls to know and grow into women that will pursue their dreams, goals, aspirations and become leaders, entrepreneurs, or authors.  
An enormous amount of our youth throughout our nation are being heavily influenced by the media, peer pressure, drugs and extreme forms of bullying. This influence has created chaos in the home in schools and in the streets. This has caused a negative shift and breakdown in our families, communities, and cities. This disconnect is leading our youth into Detention Centers, Group Homes, Jails, Prisons even to the Grave. We look to embrace and empower our young people with mentoring programs, peer education, and life application workshops and events.
We aim to prevent women, girls also youth from re-entering the criminal justice system. Re-entry from prison is a complex issue the transition from jail or prison back home can be a difficult challenge. Individuals that come home face many fears. Women with children have an even bigger challenge. Support is crucial it can be a major help for anyone coming home from prison. Support from family, friends, community organizations also ministries can make all the difference in the world. You can help make a difference prisoners returning home are people too. There are many issues with the criminal justice system today. Many of these issues need to be revised like prison reform, sentencing reform, dignity for women incarcerated, parole reform and the list goes on. Kids continue to lose their parents, communities are losing homeowners, and residents, churches are losing parishioners, and the workforce's are losing laborers. But, the prison system and cemeteries continue to be gaining business. We must all be responsible adults one to another each individual is accountable for what they do. Our objective is to help keep individuals from returning to jail or prison. So, it is our hope that through Life mentoring we can help to slow down the recidivism rate and build productive individuals.
We are available for workshops, seminars, and conferences...We are available too, Schools, Community Centers, Churches (Youth and Women's Events) Group Homes, also Colleges. We will Travel ( Advance Invitation Only)